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KBI Piper Video Series to be Marketed by Piper Society

(Houston, TX 08 Sept 2008) SPED has announced they will market KBI’s new Piper Video Series designed to increase Piping Design skills to industry levels.  The SPED Piper Video Series topics are sold as two levels of training: 1.) Piper BootCamp which covers in-line pipe routing and 2.)  Process Plant Layout which covers placement of major equipment within the facility.  SPED training videos are used world-wide as training aides for new piping designers and knowledge refreshers for practicing piping designers SPED’s Piper Video Series is considered the Industry Standard and used by International and Fortune 500 companies.  Knowledge Base International developed the Piper Video Series to provide piping training to piping engineers and piping designers.

Getting Project Ready
SPED’s Piper Video Series covers 29 Critical Topics needed for the most demanding in projects in the Global Market Place.  The videos are designed for the new Piper and a useful resource for experienced Pipers. Using the videos has several advantages:

  • Eliminate pulling Instructors off a project to teach
  • No need for a dedicated training facility
  • Employees train at their desk
  • Self Paced
  • Delivered as a Plug and Play USB Hard Drive

The videos are the perfect resource for piping design information and just in time training.

Two Levels of Training Matched to PPD Certification

Choose from two levels of training:

  • Piper BootCamp for the New Piping Designer
  • Process Plant Layout for the Experienced Piping Designer

The Piper BootCamp level videos review knowledge and skills appropriate for in-line pipe routing. It covers the equipment and fittings important to routing pipe from nozzle to rack to nozzle.

The Process Plant Layout level videos review the knowledge and skills appropriate for equipment layout.  It covers drums, towers, exchangers, tanks and other equipment requiring placement and orientation before any pipe is routed.

Because some topics are considered vital to both functions, some videos are included in both series.

Two Versions of the Process Plant Layout Course
Current users of SPED’s Process Plant Layout Videos will now realize that there are now two versions of the PPL course videos:

Version I  Original Video Recordings of live Instructor presentations
Version II  Newly recorded PPL videos with additional topics and extended notes

Preparation for Certification
Both video series target knowledge needed for certification as a Professional Piping Designer (PPD) Certification.  The Process Piper Bootcamp Level videos are recommended preparation for PPD Level I certification.  The Process Plant Layout Level videos are recommended preparation for the PPD Level III certification.  SPED PPD Certification is recognized world-wide.

To purchase the SPED’s Piper Video Series contact the SPED at 832-286-3404 or spedexec@spedweb.com.

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