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IAI Completes Transfer of PPD Online Exam Administration Back to SPED

For many years, Information Assets, Inc. (IAI) has administered all four online PPD Level Exams using the official SPED Professional Piping Designer exam questions. The SPED PPD exams draw upon 1,600 plus questions vetted by over 1,000 PPD certified pipers, the PPD Advisory Committee and numerous reviewers.

All these questions have been moved to SPED, who now exclusively administers the exams and the question banks. IAI will no longer offer online PPD exams. The separation of the administration of PPD Certification Exam questions from professional trainers is required by most accreditation programs and has been in the planning for years by the SPED Board of Directors.

IAI will continue to host selected PPD training courses for SPED (PPD exam preparation and reviews). SPED also utilizes other trainers and courses as part of its professional development effort on behalf of their members.

For more information on the SPED PPD program and professional development, go to www.spedweb.com
For more information on IAI, go to www.infoassets.com

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