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SPED Online Piping Design Training Tops 1000 Pipers

he SPED online piping design training website has registered over 1000 pipers to date. The Moodle-based website:


supports two online courses, four reviews and four levels of Professional Piping Designer Certification testing. The website was developed by Information Assets, Inc. of Houston, TX using videos developed by William G. Beazley and the SPED PPD Test Banks, developed by members by the PPD Advisory Committee.

It is the only piping design training website devoted exclusively to PPD Certification Training and Testing. Over its 5 years of operation, 1,025 pipers have been registered for its courses, reviews and tests. It contains over 180 videos, 60 topical quizzes and 4 PPD exams. The PPD test banks used for practice and testing contain over 1,500 questions.

For more information on SPED’s online training, go to:

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